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Taparia KBHM 9L Allen Keys Long Ball Point Set

Part Number : KBHM 9L
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  • Accurately hardened and tempered to withstand higher torque and enable high wear resistance.
  • Made from expensive high grade alloy steel.
  • Available in brown & black finish.
  • Offered in loose as well as in sets.
  • One of the widest range of allen keys in India.

Tool Description

 Taparia Allen Keys Long Ball Point Set KBHM 9L Contains:

    .1 Pc  1.5mm
    .1 Pc  2mm
    .1 Pc  2.5mm
    .1 Pc  3mm
    .1 Pc  4mm
    .1 Pc  5mm
    .1 Pc  6mm
    .1 Pc  8mm
    .1 Pc  10mm



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